I feel peace, it is a time to connect with yourself. It is not what is in front of you, it is what you see. A peaceful time to introspect, to see what is in the painting, what is in you.

I feel on a journey, where I don’t know if it is just starting or ending, although every end leads to another beginning, into the unknown. When I look at them I can find a shape of something, or many shapes, or situations, but if I look at the literal traces and start following the path until it ends, it may appear as if it ended, but to me it is the empty canvas ready to let further traces fly in your imagination.

I feel euphoria, I see all the traces creating so many forms, it’s like my imagination is racing with my eyes.

I feel free. Identifying so many different forms, I feel free to choose what I want to see in the moment. Every form is valid, I can even turn the painting upside down and find a whole new world to dream on.

I feel togetherness. One dot or line on their own would not be more than just that, but together they form an infinite world of emotions and interpretations, and I love that concept. Together we are infinite.