I've always felt drawn to a life enveloped by nature rather than the crowded spaces of big cities. Since 1999, Miami has been my home, with its sunny skies, palm trees, vibrant hues, and beaches. Witnessing the sunrise paint the morning sky, watching the sea's waves in their calm or wild states, enjoying the constant sway of palm trees, and getting lost in the mesmerizing sunset colors of the city continuously inspire and fill me with gratitude.

There's another place that nourishes my soul: Cali, Colombia, the city of my birth and childhood. Nestled beside a massive mountain range, it's a city surrounded by forests and rivers, teeming with birds and blooming with flowers—an idyllic sanctuary for someone who escapes the seasons and revels in the unchanging warmth of the tropics. The Covid-19 pandemic extended my stay in Cali, leading to the serendipitous discovery of a beautiful insect that inspired the creation of Dots and Lines World. For this, I am thankful.




Having lived in Colombia, Germany, Italy, and Miami, and having pursued studies in Business Management, Interior Design, and Photography, I've deeply engaged with diverse cultures. My regular travels to the Middle East, Europe, and across the Americas have allowed me to meet incredible people. Learning about their life stories, dreams, and perspectives has continually fueled my inspiration.

In founding Dots and Lines World, I view each 'dot' as an individual and each 'line' as a narrative, an experience, an event, or a dream. Every individual harbors numerous stories that define them, inspire them, and motivate them to evolve. These stories not only connect us to others but also bridge us with our past, our future, and our true selves, illustrating how deeply interconnected we are with everyone and everything.




I have a deep passion for art, creativity, and the joy of life, which includes laughter. Once, I attended a comedy play that made me laugh so hard that I returned to see it multiple times. Each visit, I brought along more friends and anticipated the jokes, laughing before they even happened, much to the amusement of those around me. In total, I saw the play seven times, savoring the repetition.

Similarly, when I find a song I love, I play it on repeat, immersing myself in its melody for days or weeks until I know it by heart, then continue to replay it. This pattern extends to my choice of restaurants, activities, and favorite hangouts. I believe this preference for repetition stems from family—there's a comfort in the familiarity it brings, echoing the warmth, love, and presence of my family upbringing.

This theme of repetition also influenced my early artwork as a teenager. I would draw countless abstract, tiny figures, each painted close to another, culminating in a larger abstract painting composed of hundreds of these figures. Today, I apply a similar approach in my creation of Dots and Lines World, repeating thousands of dots and lines to give shape to intricate compositions.




When I work on any piece, I enter a state akin to meditation, clearing all mental clutter to focus singularly and be wholly present. My energy converges on the task, guiding me deeper into the realm of Dots and Lines until the artwork begins to take form. This process is a deep, energizing meditation, fueled by my anticipation of seeing the piece evolve.

Observing the completed artwork offers a different form of meditation, one that elevates my mind and allows it to traverse through various universes, paths, forms, and figures that emerge in that contemplative moment. Each artwork captivates me, making me lose track of time, whether I am in the process of creating it or pausing to appreciate it upon completion. In these moments, I lose myself, find solace, and discover renewal in the meditative peace of the art journey.


The Atom, the Universe, and the Secret


From the atomic scale to the vast expanse of the universe, the fundamental elements of all worlds can be represented as dots and lines. These basic, solid, and strong shapes are timeless, transcending history with their simplicity. In Dots and Lines World, these elements liberate our imagination as we gaze upon each piece.

Dots and Lines World also embodies its own unique language, embedded within each creation. As a teenager, I took pleasure in inventing alphabets for writing secret letters, which now remain as texts of mysterious and indecipherable symbols, with no consistent formula for their creation. In contrast, the language of Dots and Lines World is underpinned by a mathematical formula, maintaining its mystery as a closely held secret.


‘Together we are infinite’


This phrase captures the essence of Dots and Lines World. Alone, a dot or a line is just that—a simple mark. Yet, when multiple dots and lines converge in my artworks, they create a boundless universe of interpretations. Similarly, as individuals, our abilities may have limits, but when we unite with others, combining diverse talents, we amplify our potential, enabling us to undertake grander endeavors and inspire more hearts.


-Pipe Yanguas

Photo by Heidi Harf