‘Air Connected’ is available in a limited edition of 3. For inquiries: info@pipeyanguas.com


‘Our every action creates a ripple effect on those around us and ergo on the world. The setting of
this video piece is the ‘World Connection’, a floor mural I painted where each dot represents one
of us, and each line the link between us all. We are all connected.

The links that connect us are many, from family ties and friendships, to love stories or work ties,
or all sorts of other stories; yet the classical element of Air around us, is the ultimate infinite link
between us all. In this piece I perform a dance interpreting the air. It is the infinite movement of
the air that flows from person to person, place to place, and thus throughout the whole world. This
piece aims to remind us all that our lives are always connected. Therefore what we give is what we
will receive and this concept should be the mortar of our lives’ foundation.

The cyclical aspect of the music was intended by the composer, Elar, to portray the endless flow of
the Air inside us and around us. Bringing my vision to life could not have been possible without the
brilliant work of Elar and Andrez Abril, the videographer. The passion for their work and their
dedication to this project made working with them as a team, a breath of fresh Air.’

-Pipe Yanguas