To go around with my camera throughout all of the Hacienda Cañasgordas [Cali-Colombia] was a heart-warming and emotional journey. To photograph its architecture, its doors, windows, patios, and corridors set my imagination to travel in time to its initial construction. It made me think of all the people involved in its design, the first inhabitants of the place, their duties, customs, and dreams. These were all my thoughts while I was focusing and setting each frame to photograph with the utmost subtlety. That subtlety with which we should always treat anything that is sacred, like our own history, that in many cases we know little about.

This is the Hacienda Cañasgordas, the place where the first proclamation of independence act was signed on July 3rd, 1810, representing the southwest region of Colombia. This is a journey through its windows and doors. Every image suggests a presence. It suggests a suspicion. Someone just walked around there, someone just went in, or is about to come out, or pass by that door, or window. They carry an aroma. A sound occurs, it may be the steps of someone, it can be the wind, or a nearby animal, or some tree branches’ noise. Something happens, there is always something that happens.

This journey set me to read, to research, to find out and remember about the history of this place, about the history of Cali-Colombia. To design and position

each Dot and Line on these images was an experience full of color and sound. Each image title refers to either the sound that I was listening to while taking the photograph or the sound that I would imagine when looking at the image. These Dots and Lines connect us through time with the colonial architecture, with

nature, with our (in the case of my fellow people from Cali) roots. This is not a place from the past, this is a living place, a vibrant one, full of magic, a place that teaches us and makes us dream.

-Pipe Yanguas